5 Reasons To Have A Massage Gun In Your Home

5 Reasons To Have A Massage Gun In Your Home

You know that soreness after a kickass, intense workout that you feel? We have an unconventional remedy that you would not have seen coming. No, it’s not a session with a physiotherapist, this is way more cost-effective and can deliver similar results. We’re talking about none other than a massage gun. 

A muscle pro massage gun is a hand-held, portable device that helps massage parts of your body that are in pain. Not only can it relieve soreness but also acts as a great stress-buster after a long day. There are many benefits associated with a massage gun, lets’s take a deep dive into why it should be part of your gym set. 

Helps increase muscle flexibility – The vibrations caused by the massage gun help relieve accumulated stress throughout our muscles and joints. It also makes you participate in a wide range of motions which further adds to our flexibility. Using a massage gun before and after working out relives any built-up tension in the muscles, which diminishes any excessive soreness. 

It’s better than foam rolling – What sets a massage gun apart from a foam roller is the fact that it can target specific areas of our body, unlike a foam roller. Also, the intensity of a massage gun is unparallel compared to a foam roller or any other massage device. Moreover, the different heads that come with a massage gun make sure that you reach any area of your body that you like. 

Better blood circulation – Massages by a massage gun are meant to be relaxing in nature, but along with calming our body they also increase the blood flow throughout our body. The intensity of the vibrations aids in getting our circulation better. This further helps in feeling more relaxed and balanced after an intensive workout. 

Helps recover from injury – Massage guns help speed up the recovery process after an injury. When working on a particular area the massage gun creates contractions that can strengthen your muscles, even when they’re not able to participate. Also increasing the blood and oxygen flow throughout our body aids in faster recovery. It can help break down the scar tissues that are causing restricted movements, improves flexibility and with time, leads to long term healing. When a massage gun is included in your gym equipment, it helps prevent injuries because you use it in your pre and post-workout routine as a ritual. 

Sleep better – Having the comfort of having a massage gun as an equipment of home gyms is liberating as you don’t have to wait for your next massage appointment. You can treat yourself with the massage gun and destress yourself helping you get better sleep. Research has also shown people experience uninterrupted sleep after using a massage gun before bed as it tones down the rhythmic flow of the body, putting it at a state of ease and calm. 

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