7 Reasons You Should Add Bumper Plates To Your Gym

7 Reasons You Should Add Bumper Plates To Your Gym

The material that forms the basis of weight-lifting plates is iron. Iron weight lifting plates have been in use for ages. But, if we care to analyze the same, we’ve got to admit that there are a lot of advantages associated with bumper weight-lifting plates.

Bumper plates have seen a surge in popularity. They have proven to be, safer, less harsh on the flooring, and more efficient, efficient weightlifting equipment than their counterparts – iron plates. Even this traditional form of weightlifting has sprung a lot of questions in people’s minds about its utility as compared to that of iron plates. This article attempts to answer all such questions on the use and utility of bumper plates.

Why You Should Start Using Weighted Bumper Plates At Your Gym?

It’s not surprising that many people are still confused about which type of weight plates to use.

Iron plates have been a part of the gym scene for more than 100 years now, but bumper plates are a fairly new addition to the fitness industry.

While iron plates are an age-old choice, bumper plates come in as a more innovative, safer, and more efficient alternative.

Here are some reasons why you should add bumper plates to your gym:

They Are Safer than Iron Plates

Bumpers are made of rubber, which makes them lighter than iron plates. This is great because it minimizes stress on your joints during movements like deadlifts and squats. Hence, they are safer than iron plates because they don’t bounce when dropped from overhead or even on a hard surface. The only downside is that they may be more expensive than iron plates, depending on where you get them from. Muscle Mad offers premium-quality bumper plates at the best price in the market. 

They Don’t Damage Floors as Easily as Iron Plates Do

When lifting heavy weights, there’s no way around the fact that you might cause some damage to your floor if you don’t have a proper flooring system in place. With iron plates, this becomes even more important because they can dent floors easily if dropped from high heights or thrown against walls accidentally. Bumpers don’t dent floors easily since they bounce off instead of penetrating them like iron.


They won’t corrode. Most bumper plates are made from cast iron and have a black coating that protects them from rust or corrosion. This is important because, unlike regular metal plates, they don’t need to be oiled or cleaned with chemicals regularly—just wipe them down with a towel and they’ll be good as new! 

They can be used for all kinds of exercises

Bumper weights also have applications beyond typical powerlifting and CrossFit exercises. Aside from the fact that you can use them for squats, deadlifts, bench presses, etc., they can also be used for plyometric training or even as part of your warm-up routine. Bumper weights are useful in a variety of ways! Bumper plates are the ideal choice for those who want to get started with Olympic weightlifting. They are made from solid rubber and can be used for all kinds of exercises. Moreover, bumper weights can also be used outdoors as they are made from high-quality materials that won’t rust or corrode over time.

Budget, size & durability

Bumper plates are the ideal choice for your home gym because they are less expensive than iron plates, making them a worthy investment for your home gym. Bumper weights are available in different sizes, making them suitable for any type of workout routine – whether you want to focus on weightlifting or CrossFit training. Bumper plates have better durability compared to iron plates and will last longer than most of the other equipment in your home gym.

They are quieter than iron plates

Bumper plates don’t make a lot of noise, which is helpful if you’re trying to work out at home. They won’t bother your family members who may be sleeping. And this can be a plus for those who want to build muscle without any distractions.

They are easy to store

Bumper plates are made from recycled rubber and are non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your home or family members with this type of plate. They even come in a variety of colours, allowing you to fit them into any theme you might be decorating around. Finally, these are much lighter than iron plates, which means they’re easier to lift and store away in between exercises, making them an excellent choice for all of your fitness needs.

Bottom Line

Your old-school weight plates look, well, old-school! If aesthetics matter to you and your fitness routine involves going to a fitness centre, then why not have aesthetically pleasing products? Today’s bumper plates come in a variety of colours. This makes it possible to pick the colour you like the most and can add a pop of colour to your gym.

When you purchase a set of bumper plates, you’ll get an extremely portable and easy-to-use product that’s sure to make your workouts more efficient and effective. There’s no reason not to add them to your gym!

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