BodyPump For Weight Loss: Is It Good Or Bad?

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Have you ever wanted the perfect body? If so, this blog is for you. We at Muscle Mad want to help show you how BodyPump exercises can be a great part of your overall health and weight loss program.

BodyPump is an intense strength training program. Originally intended for athletes and bodybuilders. It is the ultimate full-body workout proven to help you build lean muscle mass and lose fat – regardless of your age or fitness level.

How does BodyPump class help you lose weight?

BodyPump is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class that focuses on developing muscle strength, endurance and coordination. By challenging each muscle group—chest, back, shoulders and abs—and working out for 60 minutes, you can burn nearly 600 calories per session. It helps you build muscle while burning fat faster than ever before. As a bonus, BodyPump also strengthens your core muscles so that you can balance better while working out. Let us see in detail how exercising with BodyPump helps you in your weight loss journey:

Helps in gaining muscle mass

BodyPump classes are full-body workouts that work all major muscle groups; including your core, buttocks, legs and arms – while burning fat besides building lean muscle mass. The great thing about BodyPump is that it can help you build muscle, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness levels.

It helps in burning fat

The idea for weight loss is a cardio expenditure with diet control. When you exercise your heart rate increases, blood pumps through and in turn, you burn fat. The goal of the BodyPump weight set training program is to burn fat, build muscles and increase your energy levels. BodyPump burns more calories than cardio at the same intensity level. It also makes muscles, which means you’ll have an elevated metabolism for hours after your workout. As BodyPump exercises help you to work out on targeted areas; with the correct number of repetitions and resistance, you tend to tone your muscles, making yourself look leaner and in shape. Yeah, you get the desired “perfect body.”

Motivates you to do more

BodyPump is a type of cardio exercise designed to target your whole body. It’s usually done in a group setting and uses light weights with fun movements that mimic the actions you’d see in a real-life situation. BodyPump classes have been proven to help people lose weight and tone up by burning calories, building muscle, boosting metabolism, and increasing bone density. The reason BodyPump is so effective is that it combines weights with fun movements to target specific muscle groups. This means you can enjoy a full-body workout without having to do hundreds of repetitions.

Help in improving posture

Our desk jobs have confined our body movements such that sometimes we don’t realise that we have not gotten up from our workstations for hours. Bending forward towards the screen and hand positions intact to type, we are prone to have backaches due to bad postures. In such situations, the BodyPump weight set helps you improve your posture by acting on your shoulder, back and abdomen muscles adding the muscular strength that is needed to support your body. Another essential thing to note here is, when you work out your brain keeps buzzing and reminding you to sit straight and eat well since you are putting so much effort into burning calories and toning your body.

Relieves aches and pains

BodyPump weight set sessions help you cope with muscle stiffness and fatigue. It involves continuous strenuous body movements for 45 to 60 minutes, followed by stretching, this helps in pumping blood through different parts of the body, relaxes the muscles and relieves pain.


  • It’s a high-intensity full-body workout
  • It promotes weight loss and builds muscle mass
  • It helps you learn the correct form
  • It’s great for beginners
  • It boosts your confidence and self-esteem
  • It nourishes your bones and joints

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, BodyPump weight set training can help you lose weight and tone up faster than you ever thought possible. This is because it utilises weights with fun motions to add just the right amount of strain and target specific muscle groups. Another best part, you can do BodyPump in the comfort of your home or at the gym. So, start your weight loss journey by including BodyPump exercises in your fitness regime to see effective results soon!

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