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We train so that our bodies can do better and be healthier. For this to happen, we sometimes use various training equipment. Fitness equipment can be expensive and we come across people asking us in-store and online about what the ‘must have’ functional fitness equipment. It mostly depends on your fitness goals – For example, if you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, such as improving your strength and mobility, one way is through yoga or pilates; daily practise improves strength and mobility. Another way is weight training; this will also improve your strength and mobility: however, it requires a bigger space to store your equipment and perform lifts. For a targeted approach with your training, your purpose and space determine what equipment you need.

Generally, when people are looking to buy a home gym, their focus is on equipment that will enable them to stay fit and healthy—that means they’re after cardio, strength, and functional fitness training options. But there are many different choices for gym equipment. You can purchase minimal equipment that offers varied workouts; such as a multi-gym/all-in-one machine or a smith machine or functional trainer—sometimes known as ‘all-in-ones’. Users can use these just multi-gyms and still engage in many forms of exercises. So for many people, AIO is a home gym must-have.

There are many choices out there; let’s look at each, and hope this blog will help you make an informed decision:

List of functional fitness equipment

Jump Rope

The jump rope is a form of functional fitness equipment that you probably don’t know very much about: It’s an essential tool for improving your fitness skills, and it can be used to improve cardiovascular capacity. Training with a jump rope will also help improve your coordination—you’ll be able to control the momentum of the rope while maintaining proper form. It is relatively economical, and you can also use it for other purposes in addition to exercise.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are widely used in functional training and they are ideal tools for increasing joint flexibility, warm-up routines, and even progression of pull-ups.


Rubber hex dumbbell set is a good choice for beginning weight training, as they can be used for strength training with slow, controlled movements and a limited number of repetitions or high-intensity workouts using low or medium-weight dumbbells with a large number of reps.


Adding weight to your workouts is a great way to get stronger and improve your fitness. Kettlebell set is perfect for this because they can be used in many different ways. They come in different weights, so you’ll find the right one for your purposes. We highly recommend learning how to use kettlebells correctly before moving on to heavier versions of this training tool.


Olympic Barbells are a sleek and budget-friendly addition to your home gyms; with which you can train your muscles by experiencing Olympic-style weightlifting. These can be used for training both upper and lower body with exercises like bench press, rowing, squats, lunges, power lifts and more. You can add weight plates to it as per your comfort, start with lighter weights and gradually increase the weights as you progress.

BodyPump Set

BodyPump fitness is a 60-minute workout that uses barbells and features high-impact exercises to increase your strength, tone, and burn fat. The goal is to make your muscles so strong that they don’t get bulky or out of shape but rather become toned, defined, and fit.

Gym Bench

Gym bench are perfect for working out with dumbbells. They are compact and can fit into any space, plus they allow you to work out using Olympic barbells and technique bars. Use these weight benches to build your upper body strength through – rowing, bench presses, biceps, triceps, and various arms and shoulder exercises.


Build strength, balance, power and endurance with Multi-Gym Machine which offers both cardio and strength training in one single workstation. You can challenge your biceps, triceps, back, shoulder and more. The home gym machine will give you a full-body workout without moving from one machine to another. Hence, it is the best addition to home gyms and facilities with limited space.


The list of functional fitness equipment doesn’t end here. There are a lot of other types of equipment you can add to your workout routine at home; like – a medicine ball, Ab roller, Swiss ball, push-up and pull-up bars. All these pieces of equipment can fit in less space and you can start with the basic training using them. The idea is to make variations in the exercises so that you are not bored and focus on mastering the form, posture, and technique first. Once you master training with these tools you can add more weights and other pieces of equipment to your home gyms. Happy shopping!

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