Here’s How You Can Stay Consistent On Your Fitness Journey

Routine fitness Journey

It’s important to be consistent with your habits, especially at the beginning. Having the best plan and a fall-back plan helps regain momentum when you find yourself straying away from your goals. The results of committing to your goals lead to us beaming with joy inside and out. This lifestyle change will also have a positive impact on the people around you.

Set actionable goals

We set up ourselves for destruction by planning unrealistic goals and jumping in without a set goal. Instead of merely saying, “I will workout thrice a week”, how about you be more specific in terms of laying out what is it you want to do each day. The more specific your goals are, the more likely they are to attain. Here’s an example, on Monday you lift free weights, on Wednesday you can engage in cardio with resistance bands and on Friday set a workout with kettlebell set. Writing your plan out also aids in being consistent.

Focus on small improvements

Consistency is all about small steps towards your goals every single day. It is crucial to not get caught up with how far you still have to go. Breaking down long term goals into smaller milestones through your fitness journey helps stay consistent in achieving them.

Reward yourself

The reward system works perfectly well for any new activity that you’re about to embark on. You’re allowed to feel good about yourself – so why not treat yourself once in a while? You choose what you’d like to reward yourself with and then you have something to look forward to the entire week. This will help balance work and play in a fun manner!

Invest in home gym equipment

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who has to be in the gym to work out or not. As long as you have some basic equipment at home like free weights, functional kit, barbells, and dumbbells set, it is enough to motivate you into picking them up and getting a work out in. It may not be as intense but it is better than doing nothing, right? Check out Muscle Mad’s range of equipment for home gym today.


Motivation is crucial to stay consistent but we’re not always going to be motivated. Solely depending on that is a recipe for disaster. Understanding and having a clear idea of why you want to work out helps to reflect and remind ourselves about why we started. Discipline always triumphs over motivation. The disciple to commit to working out keeping in mind your form after a pump set yields the physical and mental results.

Your fitness journey is not the final destination where we stop once our goals are achieved, it’s more like a lifestyle change or else we’ll endlessly find ourselves in a loop of starting off again. When this mentality is adapted, more consistent results are seen over a period of time.

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