6 Must have Gym Attachments For Cable Exercises

Best Gym Attachments

With the recent trend of challenging fitness levels, you need an effective way to keep up! Working out with a cable machine is the best way to strengthen your upper body muscles – shoulders, arms, traps, collars, rhomboids, biceps etc. By exercising with cable machines, you can engage multiple muscles and strengthen them by giving constant tension to muscles, repetitive movements, and having a controlled range of motion. There are versatile exercises you can perform with multi-gym or cable machines

If you own the right kind of cable machine and the right gym attachments, there are versatile exercises you can perform and you can enjoy all its benefits. But if you don’t have these things then your cable machine is just as good as dead. 

Do you want to upgrade your home gym? Have you bought a cable machine and been disappointed by its size of it?  Or do you wonder what to do with the cable machine when you are at the gym? If yes, it’s time to look at the best gym attachments for cable machines. In this article, we will talk about the best gym attachments for your cable machine so that it can serve its purpose better than ever before.

Mag Grip Clones

The Mag grip clones lat pull-down set is ergonomically designed for a specific movement that is lat pull-down. However, you can use it in combination with other exercises that target the lat. If you’re a beginner and don’t have much strength yet, you can use the snap hook to slowly lower yourself down so that you’re working on your muscles one by one.

Having a Mag grip lat pull-down set is a must to attain a dream body and an impressive physique. This set includes a wide grip and snap hook attachment so you can easily attach it to work out without hassle. With the various attachments, you can use the functionality of this set to get multiple workouts. The material and construction are durable so you can use this set in any gym or home setting. The design is ergonomic so that you can perform each exercise with ease and receive complete grip support.

List of 6 gym attachments

Straight Bar Cable Attachment

The straight bar is a great choice for exercises where you want to maintain a steady pronated or supinated position throughout the entirety of the movement. It can be used for: Bicep Curls, Reverse Curls, Straight-Arm Pulldowns, and Front Raises. This gym attachment helps you focus on plenty of other exercises from rows to tricep pushdowns to reverse grip lat pulldowns so feel free to explore this bar for many different exercises and see what suits you.

Lat Pull Down Bar Cable Attachment

The lat pulldown bar provides a nice variation of an upper-body exercise—as well as a good way to strengthen your back and shoulders. Start by holding the bar with an overhand grip, palms facing away from you. Keeping your elbows locked, lower your body toward the floor by bending your arms at the elbow. Try to do maximum reps in the first go or set aside a time in stop watch for these kinds of exercises.

Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

The tricep rope, also known as the muscle rope, is a classic exercise that targets the triceps majorly Tricep pushdown. However, you can also use this 27-inch high-quality nylon braided rope for other exercises like, Tricep Overhead Extensions, Tricep Kickbacks, Face Pulls, Pull-Throughs, Cable Lifts, and Chops. This product can twist and rotate in any direction allowing you to use different grip styles and execution techniques.

Single Stirrup Cable Attachment

The Single Stirrup Cable Attachment is one of the most versatile gym attachments.  The handle attachment is great for any gym workout. It lets you use any grip you prefer, and it allows you to rotate your hands mid-movement when performing exercises like Single-Arm Row, Single-Arm Chest Press, and Cable Crossover. These exercises work your Lats, Traps, Rhomboids, Rear Delts, and Biceps.

V Shaped Pushdown Cable Attachment

The v-shaped tricep bar also called a V-bar, is an old-school cable machine attachment that allows you to do a variety of tricep exercises. It’s basically like a straight bar with end caps on each end so your palms don’t slip off. This attachment was mostly used for tricep-centric exercises like the Tricep Pushdown. But a tricep rope can also be used for the same kind of exercises that are done using V- Bar. It comes down to personal preference as some like a tricep rope that allows the wrist to rotate freely, and keeps the elbows from hurting some prefer a V-shaped tricep bar as it helps them press more weight and experience less pain and discomfort compared to other gym attachments.

Closing Thoughts

There are some other gym attachments like D-Row Handle, Seated Row Close Grip Attachment, and V Shape Double Sided Cable Attachment that can be used in performing different exercises, and determining which one is the right fit can be tricky! Before you buy a gym attachment, do some research. What type of equipment will fit your needs and the exercises you want to do? It’s also important to consider budget, weight, material, and usability when choosing an attachment. The grip is another factor that you should not forget when buying a gym attachment. Hope this article helps you find the right gym attachment for your cable exercises. We wish you a successful shopping trip! 

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