Pre And Post-Workout Rituals To Follow

The best rituals to follow before and after a workout

Our habits before and after a workout are as important as our workout routine itself. Hence it is crucial to thoughtfully engage in practices that will help yield the maximum output. What we do after our workout plays a crucial role in muscle recovery and overall health. Here are some pre and post-workout habits that are important for every fitness enthusiast to follow.

Workout Rituals:

Before workout

Plan your workout routine

Structuring your workout beforehand saves time. Whether you want to work with barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells, being clear on what equipment, how many sets, reps and your rest period removes the need for any confusion. This can help you focus entirely on effectively working out. It also seems simpler when everything is planned and handy. 

Prioritise getting quality sleep

Resting not only energises you through every set but also helps in post-recovery. Getting six to seven hours of sleep is crucial to maximise your output. At the same time, it also makes sure that your recovery is smooth so that you’re ready to take on another day of fitness. 

Staying hydrated

Drinking enough water helps maintain your energy levels. A machine cannot run smoothly without being oiled similarly our body functions optimally when it is hydrated. 

Warming up

Getting into a workout without warming up is detrimental as it affects the efficacy of the entire workout. You can also end up injuring yourself if you haven’t warmed up properly. It also helps increase flexibility and range of motion while you work through each rep.

After workout


Your workout doesn’t end with your last set. Stretching acts as a great cool down and prepares your body to relax. Using a resistance band for the same is highly beneficial. This helps to tackle post-workout soreness. 

Fuelling up

After your workout, it is important to reward your body with the right food. Mindfully eating nutritious food helps your body recover faster. Eating the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats and fibre helps replenish all the energy that is exerted.

Write down your set

This helps to track your progress and understand what areas you need to focus on. This practice will encourage you to be disciplined with maintaining your entire routine and also help you understand what areas you can challenge yourself with. Understanding whether you could push for a few more sets with the a rubber hex dumbbell set, barbells or kettlebells. Jotting down your routine helps reflect and analyse what is working for you and what isn’t. 

Cold Showers

A cool shower after a pump set workout helps regulate your body temperature. It will relax your body after all those intense barbells & kettlebell set. Along with aiding your post-workout recovery, it will also mentally relax you. 

Whether you work out in a commercial gym or at home, it is important to ensure that these practices are followed. Not only will they help in getting an effective workout but they also make your body prepared to push its limits.

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