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Top 5 Incline Weight Bench Exercises To Build Muscle

Weight Bench Exercises To Build Muscle

An adjustable weight bench is a must if you want to do chest, shoulder, and triceps exercises the right way. By adjusting the incline of the bench, you can target specific muscle groups and increase the intensity of different exercises. You can perform many different exercises using an adjustable weight bench, including presses for your […]

7 Reasons You Should Add Bumper Plates To Your Gym

7 Reasons You Should Add Bumper Plates To Your Gym

The material that forms the basis of weight-lifting plates is iron. Iron weight lifting plates have been in use for ages. But, if we care to analyze the same, we’ve got to admit that there are a lot of advantages associated with bumper weight-lifting plates. Bumper plates have seen a surge in popularity. They have […]

The Top 5 Gym Equipment You Need To Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2023

The Top 5 Gym Equipment You Need To Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2023

Gym equipment is the backbone of any fitness program. It’s what helps you build muscle, burn fat, and achieve your goals. There’s no better time to start investing in your fitness in 2023 than now! Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or simply level up your fitness regime, whether you’re a beginner or a […]

Which Kettlebells Are The Best Quality In The Uk?

Which Kettlebells Are The Best Quality In The Uk

Like hex dumbbells, training with kettlebells can be an excellent way to boost both your strength and cardio fitness. In addition to boosting strength and endurance, exercising with kettlebells can help improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. They are small enough and affordable enough for home use.  ​If you are considering buying a kettlebell, a […]

Cables vs Free Weights – Which Is Better For Muscle Gain?

Cables vs Free Weights

Is it free weights or cables? You might be confused about which equipment to use for your next workout. Both types of equipment offer benefits and can help you develop muscle definition and strength. If you’re still trying to decide which training method is better, take a look at what each offers. Free Weights  Free […]

8 Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Kettlebell Exercises

Hello ladies! Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that you wish to wear, but feel too self-conscious to put on? Or have you bought them hoping that one day they will fit, perhaps a size or two smaller than yours? Try adding kettlebell training to your home workout routine, it’s proven to be […]

Buying Guide: Functional Fitness Equipment

Functional Fitness Equipments | Gym Equipments | Home Gym Equipments- Muscle Mad

We train so that our bodies can do better and be healthier. For this to happen, we sometimes use various training equipment. Fitness equipment can be expensive and we come across people asking us in-store and online about what the ‘must have’ functional fitness equipment. It mostly depends on your fitness goals – For example, […]

The Best Gym Equipment For Keeping Fit At Home In 2022

Best Gym Equipments for Home Gyms in 2022

Exercise is vital for your mental health and physical wellbeing, and plenty of ways to work out effectively at home. Working out can boost your mood, relieve stress, and improve your memory. You can also get a better night’s sleep by exercising regularly. Social media has helped us reach the best fitness trainers in the […]

7 Common Mistakes People Make When Working Out With Kettlebells

kettlebells are tricky to use, we often see people making common mistakes when performing the exercises—and we can help you fix those so you can get the desired results

A kettlebell workout combines functional strength training with cardiovascular exercise and improves muscle definition, strength and flexibility. Kettlebell set are tricky to use, so we often see people making common mistakes while using them and how we can fix those to perform better and get the desired results. Mistakes people make when working out with […]

Which Is Better For Your Fitness Goals: Dumbbells Or Kettlebells?

Kettlebell V/S Dumbbell

When price and convenience are factors, the two most popular choices among weightlifters are kettlebells and dumbbells. Every gym you walk into, you will find these basic free weights – “Kettlebells & Dumbbells”  similar in size, but they are different in shape & weight displacement. Hence they offer a different experience when it comes to […]