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The Benefits Of A Squat Rack For Your Gym – And Why You Need One!

benefits of squat rack

Squat racks are complex pieces of gym equipment, but they don’t have to be! They can be quite helpful –if you know how to use them. In this post, prospective buyers learn about the benefits of a squat rack, who should invest in one and why, and how it helps you to achieve your weightlifting […]

7 Squat Rack Tips For The Newbie Squatter

7 Squat Rack Tips For The Newbie Squatter

Squat racks are a great way to get your workout in. They’re used by everyone from beginners to hardcore gym rats, and they’re a great tool for building muscle, burning fat and improving overall fitness levels. They allow you to safely lift heavy weights without having to worry about injuring yourself, and they are great […]