Top 5 Dumbbell Brands To Trust In The UK

Top 5 Dumbbell Brands To Trust In The UK

One piece of functional fitness equipment that you can purchase for home use is a dumbbell set. The most versatile piece of functional fitness equipment, dumbbells can be used to challenge your muscles in many ways, and they are compact enough to fit into the smallest places like a home gym or professional training centre.

Shopping for the best dumbbells can seem like an arduous task when there are so many to choose from, but we’re here to help. From lighter weights for low-impact workouts as well as heavier weights for strength training, you’ll find your fit by reading this blog.

Best dumbbell brands in 2020 

If you’re looking for the best dumbbells on the market, your search stops here! Out of many reputable companies, we have listed the best ones from our research.

Brand ProductStyleKnown For
Muscle MadRubber Hex Dumbbell SetFixedPremium quality, budget-friendly, seamless delivery
Opti Neoprene Dumbbell Set
FixedAnti-roll design, awesome value
 ProironCast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Set AdjustableUnique rubber O-ring anti-loose innovative design
JAXJOXDumbbellConnect Adjustable Dumbbell PairAdjustableHigh quality, adjustable & innovative dumbbells 
MuscleSquad32.5kg Adjustable Dumbbell AdjustableHeavy duty & Elegant design

What to look for when you buy dumbbells?

Finding out the right pair of dumbbells can be a challenging task. To simplify your shopping experience, Muscle Mad has listed a set of things to look for while buying dumbbells.

Style: Should you go for fixed or adjustable dumbbells?

Fixed dumbbells, you mostly see them in gyms and professional training centres. They come in a varied weight range, starting from 1 kg to 32+ kg. Fixed dumbbells are better suited for drop sets. Whereas, with adjustable dumbbells, as the name suggests, you can load and offload the weights anytime based on your training needs. They are convenient to use and better for small spaces, but they cannot offer heavier weights like fixed dumbbells.

Shape: Round, Triangular or Hex Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are traditionally made of round weights, but modern versions come in hexagonal and triangular shapes. Hex dumbbells are more convenient and prevent you from rolling on the floor while you train, so you can focus on getting your muscles toned. Fitness enthusiasts no longer settle for round weight plates when they purchase dumbbells. Hexagonal and triangular shapes are now the most popular options, which makes them easier to store and safer for use.

Material & Grip: 

An undoubtedly crucial component that determines the quality of any gym equipment is the material used and grip design. You will find dumbbells made of stainless steel, cast iron, and neoprene. You will also find them in a better, more protective, and lasting material like rubber which is softer, less destructive, and safest to use. Check out Muscle Mad rubber hex dumbbell set, and do your workouts carefree they will never damage your tiles or floor or accidentally hurt your toes or make noise while dropping them. 

A good grip on your dumbbells will ensure a solid, even form during exercises and avoid injury. A knurled handle is ideal for an easier grip, but you might prefer a smooth finish if it is hot or sweaty outside, in this case, you might want to look for one with additional padding or neoprene on the handle.

Cost & Brand:

Budget plays a big role in what kinds of dumbbells you should use in your home gym. The most common price is by weight. Some advantages of going with a good brand name are better construction, materials, delivery, warranties, and after-sales support. When deciding which dumbbells to use in your home gym, it’s important to consider your budget and what features are most important to you. While you can find inexpensive dumbbells, they may not hold up to the wear and tear of heavy lifting. The best brands will offer weights that are more balanced and durable, making them easier to handle over time.

Why choose Muscle Mad?

Muscle Mad is a reliable and trustworthy online store that offers you high-quality gym equipment at affordable prices. We have a wide range of products including home gym equipment, commercial gym equipment, and gym apparatus. The products we offer are tested beforehand so that you get premier-quality products delivered to your doorstep. No matter what method of fitness you choose, we have something to make your process even better and your workout more fulfilling. We supply you with the finest quality gym equipment at the right price. We believe that nothing should come your way when you are on your path to becoming the best version of yourself. We have a range of barbells, gym bench, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, and much more that you can choose from. These products are of high quality and yet they do not put a dent in your wallet. We’re always on the lookout to create and develop equipment that can sustain longer in home and commercial gyms.

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